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Walter Mendenhall

My name is Walter Mendenhall IV, I am the founder of the Male Mogul Initiative. I am a former NFL football player, teacher, and professor. The Male Mogul Initiative was birthed after a conversation I had with a student on the west side of Chicago. This student was a star basketball player, had an academic scholarship to go to college, and well respected amongst his peers.  Despite all these great things, this student sold drugs to support his family. After that encounter, I realized that there are thousands of young men in this country who have the ambition, intelligence, and leadership qualities to be successful entrepreneurs. The missing component is exposure and opportunity. The Male Mogul Initiative seeks to provide marginalized youth with the resources they need to become successful.

The Male Mogul Initiative seeks to transform under resourced communities by offering youth and returning citizens leadership and entrepreneurial training. Our potential customers will hold qualities of achieving economic freedom, possess leadership qualities, creativity, and ambition. These men will also share an interest in business. The selling point for potential participants will be the opportunity to use their gifts and skill sets to create a business with unlimited profit potential, improving the community in which they live, and financial freedom.

Mission: To positively transform the way men live and lead in their communities through leadership and entrepreneurial development.

Vision: To inspire a generation to realize their potential and make the impossible, possible in their lives

Summary of Male Mogul Initiative: To provide students with the knowledge and understanding of personal leadership skills, business creation, and self-sustainability.  The focus of this program is to establish self-worth and accountability into our male participants, apply faith based principles to business creation, and to create jobs for young men of color.

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