Entrepreneurial mentorship for young men of color

Mentoring programs for Black and Brown Youth in Chicago

we are a nonprofit organization 


communities of color in chicago

We believe in building community through the development of African American youth in the South and West sides of Chicago. The Male Mogul Initiative provides entrepreneurial training and mentorship that transforms young men into business leaders and inspires them to become role models in their neighborhoods.

How do our mentoring programs work?


Program participants improve their social-emotional aptitude and focus on character development, academic excellence, workforce enhancement, and community empowerment during a 16-week in-school course.


We support our moguls in developing legitimate business plans and ideas to increase self-sufficiency and support their communities during our 12-week entrepreneurship program.


During summer break, we give our moguls an opportunity to apply what they learned in the program by selling their products, offering their services, and operating the Mogul Store.


To a nonprofit empowering communities of color in Chicago.

Generosity from individuals and corporations alike allows us to make miracles out of our moguls.

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This was one of the best programs I have seen in my three years with After School Matters. The instructor was supportive of all youth and his understanding of pacing activities was excellent. He is the definition of a positive role model for youth.

One former member helped with the program because it helped him through personal struggles, and the instructor is clearly well respected by all of the participants. Guides and supports were included with all activities, and the youth often discussed the course content without being prompted by the instructor. One participant even used her income toward her business concept.

I was impressed with all aspects of this program, and I don’t have many suggestions. Every activity was linked to real-life business or working situations, and the youth’s contributions were outstanding. The staff has a clear understanding of student engagement and making all activities relevant to the learning objective. Outstanding work!

-After School Matters

At the Male Mogul Initiative, we take great pride in providing opportunities that empower the underserved youth in Chicago communities.

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