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Male Mogul Initiative is building better communities in Chicago by elevating Black youth into leadership.

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You have countless options when it comes to dedicating financial support to a nonprofit. It can be hard knowing where your generosity is best invested. At Male Mogul Initiative, and through the wonderful examples of success we share through this site as well as our socials, we aim to make that decision easy.

Why Male Mogul Initiative?

Male Mogul Initiative is about more than providing one-size-fits-all programming, we are interested in building leaders within underserved communities. We take mentorship incredibly seriously. We want to create men who are interested in mentoring the generation after them, and then after them, and then after them. 

Our program goes beyond providing resources to our program participants—we inspire our youth to be great by helping them develop a real-world, actionable entrepreneurial business plan allowing them to be productive and financially independent.

Our goal is for these young men to grow into the leaders and role models their communities need.

Success, Pride, Leadership

Although we have plenty of examples of young men reaching success through our programs, one that sticks out is the story of a dream turned into reality by two Gap Innovation Program participants, Keith Bass and Jaurice Winston. Both long-time Male Mogul Initiative participants, Keith and Jaurice (aged 22 and 21 at the time), purchased together a two-unit investment property – the basis of a business plan born during their participation in the Gap Innovation program.

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