Frequently Asked Questions

How do I donate to the Male Mogul Initiative?

Easy! Head to this page, and help us make a difference today. No donation is too small. 

I want to help out. How do I sign up to volunteer with Male Mogul?

Fantastic! Complete an application here. We’ll contact you with the next steps.

I want to sign myself or someone I love into a Male Mogul Initiative Program. How?

Excellent. Simply fill out this form here, and we’ll contact you with the next steps.

Does the program cost anything for participants?

Not a penny! But that’s why donations are so critical. We supply generosity, which means our organization requires generosity.

What is the Co-LLAB business incubator/warehouse?

Our Co-LLAB space is a business incubator in Englewood. It’s a space where young entrepreneurs of color can congregate to share ideas, build their businesses, and utilize the creative and merchandising supplies and support that our organization is able to offer.

I want to sign up to become a member of the Co-LLAB business incubator. How do I do that?

Wonderful. Sign up here (NEED A LINK). Membership costs $20/month.

I work at a local school. How can I implement a Male Mogul Initiative Program?

Amazing – we partner with Chicago schools all of the time.

Please email programs@malemogulinitiative.org or call 312-620-5889.

Our school programs can run anywhere between $5,000 – $10,000.

Can I review the Male Mogul Initiative’s annual impact report?

We’d love it if you did. Check out our 2023 annual report here.

How do I become a new vendor?

Share your details here. We’ll get you onboarded and invite you to connect with us on Bill.com.

Have any additional questions about our organization?